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Infrared contact lens are also referred to as invisible ink contact lenses, marked cards contact lenses and so on. They are critical for cheating at poker.

Although regular contact lenses can often be used to correct vision, special infrared lenses can also be used to detect invisible ink marks on playing cards.

Securer Marked Lenses for Contact Lenses with Secured Marked

To see marked cards, infrared contact lenses are employed in many ways. We refer to them as marked card contact lenses. Infrared contact lenses are safer than infrared lenses. This is because lenses can be recognized by others. But should someone request to borrow your lenses to use, it could prove very dangerous.

To protect yourself, it is important to keep a pair of powerful contact lenses that are suitable for casino poker clubs, private poker games. You can find suitable infrared contact lenses price that are suitable for various sizes and shades of eyes at very affordable cost.

Contact lenses that are customized with different customers, if your eyes are unique from others.

What exactly does Infrared Contact Lenses look like?

Before making infrared contact lenses, they are normal contact lenses. Since the lens’s dying area is located at the center, we utilize special material to process these lenses. These lenses are then used to read ink that is invisible stamped cards. Contact lenses that are clear are necessary for seeing marked cards.

Are infrared contact lenses harmful to the Eyes?

They look just like normal contact lenses and will not cause any damage to your eyes. But when you wear the contact lenses, you need make use of the contact lens care solution to disinfect and wash clean the infrared lenses. Remember to wash the lenses every time you store them.

Will Infrared Contact Lenses alter the Eyes’ Color?

In different countries, people’s eyes are different colors. We offer a variety of products that can be used to match different colors of the eyes.

Are Infrared Contact lenses safe to wear underneath nearsighted glasses?

Nearsighted customers want to know if their glasses can be worn under myopia glasses. Does it impact the effects of seeing marked cards?

Nearsighted customers may want to find out whether infrared contact lenses are suitable for wear under myopia glasses. Will it impact the ability to read marks on cards?

Infrared contact lenses worn under myopia glasses will not hinder your ability to read marked cards.

In addition, if you want infrared contact lenses for myopia, we also have create a customized design to match your degree of myopia. You only need to tell us the myopia level of your left and right eyes.

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