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Infrared glasses is always in great use both the magic playing cards tricks and poker tricks detecting.

Infrared glasses is called invisible ink glasses.

The infrared sunglasses always have red filters built in into the lens of sunglasses so that it can see the luminous ink marks of invisible ink that people with naked eyes can’t not see and detect show cards poker hack.  

The outside of this infrared sunglasses can be disguised with a normal mirror tint so that others can seldom suspect on it. Users can use these infrared marked cards sunglasses to detect invisible markings on the marked playing cards. Infrared sunglasses are one of best playing cards cheating device with marked decks for magic shows of poker games without getting much attention by others.

Poker Cheating Perspective Glasses

The glasses is named as Poker Cheating Perspective Glasses when it’s used as a cheating device in poker games cheating. After wearing the glasses you will be able to see the marks which are printed at the back of the marked playing cheating cards. The invisible marks of suits and numbers (marks) are printed with invisible ink and advanced machine, that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. You can see the marks from the range of the 30-60cm, before the cards are dealt to you mirrored glasses poker. The invisible marks or codes will help you to decide your next move, which will further help you to win the respective poker game. The perspective glasses at very cheap price online or offline.

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